Material concept
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Material concept

Customized solutions with optimum material properties for every application.

Expertise with WOW

Our expertise extends to application-orientated system solutions resulting from a combination of composite materials, plastics and metals. We attach particular importance to the selection of optimal material combinations. Our knowledge of high-quality materials extends across various areas, including injection moulding, lightweight construction and fibre-reinforced plastics. In the injection moulding sector, we rely on materials such as PPS, PP, PE, ABS, PA6, PA6.6, POM, PET, PPGF, PA6GF, PA6.6GF, PC and PMMA. We pay attention to the efficient utilization of resources.


Diverse materials for sustainable products

When it comes to FRP materials, we use GMT (glass fibre-reinforced thermoplastic mat), LFT (long fibre reinforced thermoplastics), NFRP (natural fibre-reinforced plastics) and organ sheets (woven or non-woven continuous glass or carbon fibres with thermoplastic matrix).

Perfectly customized for you  

For sandwich materials, we use cover layers with continuous fibres in combination with cores made of foam or short-fibre-reinforced plastics. We also use laminated cardboard or plastic honeycombs (made from materials such as paper, PP, PET, and PA) as well as laminated wood or wood-containing core materials such as balsa and WPC. This diversity enables us to offer you customized solutions with optimum material properties for every application.

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