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Metal production

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Shaping the future: Competence and technology in action

We are shaping the future of metal production with precision, passion and advanced technology. Our broad expertise extends across various key areas: Forming, welding, fully automated tube production, powder coating and storage production.

Perfection and precision

Our computer-controlled machines and robots enable the production of precise and complex parts that fully meet our customers' requirements. The high precision and consistent quality of our processes guarantee constant and reliable results.


Tested quality is at the centre of our production philosophy

Tested quality is indeed crucial to ensure excellence in production, and it's something that we take seriously here. Our selection of buffer tanks for heating applications is designed to perfectly match heat pump systems. We put each tank through a rigorous production process, including automatic leak testing, to meet the highest quality standards. 

Our series production approach guarantees that every tank can meet even the most demanding requirements. With the help of advanced technologies, such as fully automated, robot-controlled welding cells, we ensure precise and reliable welded joints that offer maximum strength and durability.