Insulated Mass Flow Duct


Insulating ducts in air distribution systems used for ventilation, heating or cooling is often required to minimise heat loss or prevent condensation on or in the duct.

We have developed a complete range of well-insulated ducts, which are extremely easy to install and maintain. They are available in a large range of diameters and bends. Several accessories including terminals and air tight external duct seals complete the program.

The advantages at a glance

  • available diameters Ø125 | Ø150 | Ø160 | Ø180 [mm]
  • very well insulated and sound absorbing duct;
  • low pressure loss due to the very smooth inner surface
  • light material, easy to cut, elastic and pliable, impact resistant (i.e. no dents),
  • doesn’t rust
  • comes in duct lengths of 2.00 m
  • insulated plastic roof terminals: light weight, strong and weather resistant

The advantages of the coupler at a glance

  • mechanical connection (i.e. no tape required)
  • easy to dismantle, which makes maintenance very easy
  • continuous and smooth inner surface
  • compact, hardly visible
  • no wastage
  • mounting without tools

Quick Facts