Single-Wall Cascade Systems


  • The single-wall cascade system is meant for collective evacuation of flue for several boilers which are installed in cascade. The combustion air usually comes from the boiler room.
  • The flue pipes are made in PP.
  • The system has a H1 tightness class which enables operation with positive pressure. This reduces the required diameters compared to a negative pressure system.


  • Cascade installations can be, theoretically, combined with several flue systems. The chosen system picture is a typical application and is meant as example.

Features and benefits

  • The PP pipes can be easily cut to adjust the length
  • Optimal flexibility combined with maximum robustness
  • Chimney calculations possible on request
  • Lightweight; easy to handle and easy to shorten
  • Plastic materials; less risk of injuries as result of sharp edges
  • Transparent material; easy to inspect during installation
  • Non-return valves available

Quick Facts