Single-Wall CLV Systems


  • The single wall CLV system is a collective chimney system especially for apartment buildings. It evacuates the individual flue through one common duct. The combustion air comes either from the chimney or from a separate air intake terminal. The flue pipe is made from PP. 
  • The system has a H1 tightness class (5.000 pa) which enables operation with positive pressure. This reduces the required diameters compared to a negative pressure system. 
  • T-pieces with 1 boiler connection are available. Each T-piece contains a compensator to absorb the elongation and shrinking of the PP flue pipes as result of temperature variations. 
  • A special ring in the T-piece ensures that condensate water flows back to each individual boiler. This limits drying-out of boiler siphons which are out of operation.

Features and benefits

  • For multiple boiler installation
  • For positive-pressure and negative-pressure installations
  • Connection up to 20 boilers
  • Maximum 2 boilers per floor
  • Room sealed (type C) operation
  • Reduced diameter of the flue
  • Special ring in T-piece limits drying-out of boiler siphons
  • PP pipes can be easily cut to adjust the length to the height of the room

Quick Facts