Materials and material concepts


Innovative processes are the first step toward series production of
high-performance lightweight components. The right materials are the second. At Centrotherm, perfect material selection is the result of close cooperation with customers and manufacturers.
In recent years, organic sheets have become established on the market. High strength and low weight predestine the material for the production of lightweight components in a wide range of applications.
areas of application. The material combination of continuous fibers and thermoplastic matrix can be optimally adapted to the respective application.
Centrotherm relies on various thermoplastic standard and construction materials such as
standard and construction materials such as PP, PE, PA,
TPU, TPV or PC - reinforced with aramid, carbon and glass fiber semi-finished products
or natural fibers such as hemp, kenaf and bamboo.

Material concepts for every requirement:
- Multilayer
- multilayer thermoplastic-fiber composites with functional films
- Sandwich structures for high stiffness requirements