Parallel with the company’s dynamic growth, Centrotherm’s facilities in Brilon have significantly expanded over the last years, now covering an area of over 17.500m2.

To ensure that our high standards of quality and flexibility are met, we have systematically increased our range of production over the past years. At the production facilities in Brlion, we manufacture on our own extrusion lines and with the most modern vacuum calibrating systems; corrugated pipe systems, rigid and flexible gas flue systems as well as semi-rigid ventilation ductwork.

Using state-of-the-art vacuum-tank calibrating systems with automatic wall thickness monitoring by means of ultrasonic sensors, in conjunction with efficient weighing technology, we manufacture pipes for markets worldwide.

Smaller components can be produced with our own injection molding machines, enabling flexibility to meet specific customer requirements. In 2013, we expanded the production site with an ultra-modern powder coating plant, a laser welding plant for concentric pipes and a robot for gasketing.

Automatic removal systems and efficient quality control processes ensure consistently high standards of product quality. In addition to gas flue systems, semi-rigid ductwork are corrugated which are specifically suited for use in heat recovery systems.

Parts for the Automotive Industry are produced on our own production with a 200t-press and in our own industrial sewing division.